Talking to Your Physician

Even if you are young and healthy, it is important to have an advance care planning conversation with your physician.

If you are over age 65 and/or you have a serious chronic illness, it is even more important to have this conversation with your physician.  If you have Medicare, your insurance will pay for you and your physician to have a conversation about your end of life wishes or concerns.  Your physician will be grateful for the opportunity to know your desires should you become terminally ill or unable to speak for yourself. It is never too early to provide a “road map” for your physician and your loved ones to let them know what matters most to you and to guide your care.

This visit will be an opportunity for your physician to obtain a copy of your Advance Directive, to discuss the POLST, if appropriate, and other treatment options, such as palliative care or hospice, should they become appropriate for you.

End of Life Choices California provides information and personal support regarding California’s End of Life Option Act and all other legal end-of-life options to the medical community and to the public.