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Being Prepared in the Time of COVID-19

With the generous support from the Cambia Health Foundation, The Conversation Project and Ariadne Labs teamed up to create this new tool to help people take action and be prepared. We can’t control how this pandemic plays out. But we can control who speaks for us if we’re unable to speak for ourselves, and we can take the time to make sure they know what matters most to us. Have this conversation today.

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COVID-19 Toolkit

COVID-19 has given many Americans a new awareness of their own mortality and raised the relevancy of end-of-life planning. With that awareness is a new set of challenges: concern over whether a ventilator will be available if you need it; confusion over treatment options; and concerns about dying in complete isolation from your family — exactly the death many of us have always feared most.

To help sort through these confusing topics, Compassion & Choices has created this resource to answer some questions you may have about end-of-life care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Addendum

In response to COVID crisis, the Hemlock Society of San Diego has developed a Covid-19 specific Advance Healthcare Directive Addendum.  Depending on each individual’s circumstances and values the AHCD offers a spectrum of “checkable” choices from home care to full interventive hospital care.  Each option can be discussed with one’s family and then each person can check his or her choices while healthy to create a plan of action.  It also includes choices about sedation to ease the panic from suffocation if one’s illness appears to be terminal and the desire for or rejection of CPR.

The Addendum was created by Hunt Kooiker MD, MPH, a retired physician with the help of the HSSD multi-disciplinary Medical Advisory Committee.

Contact a Volunteer

If you have questions, would like to discuss advance care planning further, or need help preparing your advance directives, please contact us.  A volunteer will follow up with you to find out how we can assist.

“Thank you for the workshop and your work in end of life care. I hope this contribution helps the cause.” C.H.

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