End-of-Life Doulas

EOLCCA honors and supports the important and
unique role End-of-Life (EOL) Doulas play in
supporting individuals and their families at the
end of life. We are now offering advanced training
to inform and educate doulas in all aspects
of end-of-life choices.

Why End-of-Life Options training?

This training came into existence as we began to see that the number of people who serve the dying as practicing death doulas has been increasing steadily in the United States, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic. This phenomenon has raised awareness of the very real need in our communities for people to be informed on all the options for end-of-life care.

Advanced Training

We offer advanced end-of-life doula training. Learn more about what’s required, and how you can obtain a EOLCCA certificate.

Course Curriculum

Our program includes overviews of history, all end-of-life options, care throughout the US, planning, directives, and more

Course Application

Become trained and obtain a certificate as an EOLCCA Advanced End-of-life Doula.  Apply for our next session, coming this January 2024.

End of Life Choices California provides information and personal support regarding California’s End of Life Option Act and all other legal end-of-life options to the medical community and to the public.

End of life choices California

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