Natural Death

One of the ways a natural death can be achieved is through VSED  

Some people feel strongly that they only want a death that occurs as a natural part of life, meaning no hastening or prolonging of the dying process in any way.  This is common in many cultures and as one more valid choice at the end of life, we support that as we can.

As one cultural example, here is a quote from, an Insight Meditation practitioner of the Buddhist tradition:

“… of the main goals in dying is to die with as much awareness as possible and in a wholesome state of mind. Maintaining mindfulness while dying is considered a wholesome activity of mind, so one should continue one’s mindfulness practice as long as possible while dying.”  

In any such situation, hospice care is still a good idea for comfort care.  But supporting people and their families and specific cultural or religious foundations  is something EOLCCA Volunteers can do

End of Life Choices California provides information and personal support regarding California’s End of Life Option Act and all other legal end-of-life options to the medical community and to the public.