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VSED Handbook, Kate Christie

The VSED Handbook: A Practical Guide to Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking

Author: Kate Christie

A combination instructional manual/personal memoir, The VSED Handbook provides detailed instructions for planning and carrying out VSED while offering glimpses into one family’s experiences with the process. Nancy Simmers, co-founder and current Coordinator of VSED Resources Northwest, wrote the foreword for the book, which she describes as “a worthy guidebook for contemplating your own end-of-life choices.”

To order a copy of The VSED Handbook, visit the VRNW Reading List page or buy directly from Amazon.

Choosing to Die by Phyllis Shacter

Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking

A Compassionate, Widely Available Option for Hastening Death

Edited by  Timothy E. Quill, Paul T. Menzel, Thaddeus Pope, and Judith K. Schwarz

Presents a detailed and highly accessible discussion of VSED, including eight real cases, that will appeal to the public as well as to medical, legal, and bioethics scholars

Find more information about the book here.

Choosing to Die by Phyllis Shacter

Choosing to Die

A Personal Story

by Phyllis Shacter

Phyllis Shacter courageously shares the first personal story ever written about VSED (voluntarily stopping eating and drinking). This memoir and guidebook follows the journey she took with her husband, Alan, once he decided to VSED so he didn’t have to live into the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  Please also visit The VSED Choice for more information about his journey.

Find more information about the book here.

How we Die – Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter

by Sherwin Nuland

Attempts to demythologize the process of dying. The author explores how we shall die, each of us in a way that will be unique.

Find it at your library or For more information and to order it online.

“Thank you for everything these past few weeks. From your wise and informed counsel to your emotional support - I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for my family.” B.Y.

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