Client Volunteers provide the following services:  

  • Thoroughly explain all the different options for dying well and how to achieve them; including stopping life-preserving medical treatments, seeking palliative care, entering hospice, voluntarily stopping eating and drinking with the support of hospice, palliative sedation, and medical aid in dying.
  • Help people navigate through their dying process, from beginning to end.  Sometimes this takes days, sometimes weeks or months: sometimes 1-2 meetings, sometimes many more.
  • Offer advice and support to help clients, whose wishes are not being met or who are not getting adequate pain or symptom management, advocate for themselves.
  • Meet with families to help facilitate discussions about the client’s end-of-life wishes.
  • Provide information and support to family members regarding the process of their loved one’s dying, what to expect and how they can best provide compassionate and helpful support.
  • Extend support and reassurance to the client as he/she navigates through the process of accessing medical aid in dying. Often this includes helping clients find a physician willing to prescribe MAID, or helping a physician find a consulting physician who will also participate.  We are also committed to helping individuals or their loved ones advocate for themselves to obtain needed services or adequate pain control.
  • Bring an experienced, calm and reassuring presence on the day of planned death. We also help review instructions and provide bedside support and comfort to both the client and family.
  • Assist in completing or understanding advance directives.

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“We want to thank you for all your help in making our husband/father’s wishes for his end of life a reality. Your advice and guidance helped us navigate the process without any problems. We love the Hospice and will forever be grateful for your helping us find the right one.” C.C, K.C. and L.C

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