Who We Are

At End of Life Choices California we want
to inform all Californians about the
choices they have at the end of their lives,
and help them achieve a peaceful death. 

What We Do: Our Commitment

Welcome to End of Life Choices California

At End of Life Choices California (EOLCCA), our core mission is to empower Californians with knowledge, support, and personal guidance. We are here to help navigate the deeply personal journey toward a peaceful and dignified end of life. Terminal illness and the prospect of dying can feel overwhelming. Our organization stands as a beacon of hope, dignity, and autonomy in the face of this challenge. We offer a helping hand to those facing the most challenging moments of their lives.

We Empower Individuals Through Compassionate Support

We understand the complexity and emotional weight of confronting end-of-life decisions. That’s why EOLCCA is dedicated to restoring control and autonomy to individuals grappling with terminal illnesses. Our approach centers on living and dying with dignity. We strive to ensure that every Californian has the information and support needed to make informed choices about their end-of-life care. Through our volunteer-powered organization, we offer a unique blend of empathy, expertise, and encouragement, guiding individuals and families towards a peaceful transition on their own terms.

Living and Dying with Dignity

We strive to restore autonomy and control to the thousands of Californians who struggle daily with their terminal illnesses and progressive deterioration of their bodies, their capabilities.

We know there are many Californians with terminal illnesses, without hope of recovery, who do not wish to let the cancer or condition follow its course and ravage their bodies.  Our volunteers are here to help with information and personal support our clients if they desire a peaceful death on their own terms, at the time of their choosing.

Our Volunteer-Powered Mission

EOLCCA prides itself on being a volunteer-powered organization, where trained Client Volunteers bring not only their time but also their hearts to every interaction. Our volunteers are equipped to thoroughly explain all end-of-life options, provide one-on-one support through the dying process, and stand as advocates for our clients’ wishes. From navigating Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) to facilitating family discussions about end-of-life planning, our volunteers are there to ensure that no one has to face these decisions alone.

Who We Are - A community of compassionate support

A Community of Expertise and Compassion

Guided by an extraordinary Board of Directors and supported by a knowledgeable Advisory Council, EOLCCA benefits from the wisdom and dedication of seasoned professionals and activists. This wealth of expertise underpins our commitment to providing the highest quality information and support. EOLCCA is here to make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

“Thank you tremendously for helping my wife transition —
as smooth and peaceful a transition as possible.” — T.R.

As we continue our mission, we are inspired by stories like that of T.R., who found solace and support through our services during one of life’s most poignant transitions. It is testimonials like these that fuel our dedication to ensuring every Californian can approach the end of their life with dignity, respect, and peace.

Discover more about who we are, the services we provide, and how we can support you or your loved ones in planning for and navigating end-of-life choices. Together, we can face the future with confidence and compassion.

What We Do: Our Commitment

What We Do

Our knowledgeable volunteers give their time free-of-charge to answer your questions and concerns about end-of-life-options, as well as provide one-on-one support to individuals and their families facing end-of-life planning and decision-making.    Learn more about What We Do.

Client Volunteers Provide the Following Services:

  • Thoroughly explain all the different options for dying well and how to achieve them; including stopping life-preserving medical treatments, seeking palliative care, entering hospice, voluntary stopping eating and drinking with the support of hospice, palliative sedation, and medical aid in dying.
  • Help people navigate through their dying process, from beginning to end. Sometimes this takes days, sometimes weeks or months: sometimes 1-2 meetings, sometimes many more.
  • Offer support for clients or their families to advocate for themselves if their wishes are not being met or who are not getting adequate pain or symptom management.
  • Meet with families to help facilitate discussions about the client’s end-of-life wishes.
  • Provide information and support to family members regarding the process of their loved one’s dying, what to expect and how they can best provide compassionate and helpful support.
  • Provide support and reassurance to the client as he/she navigates through the process of accessing medical aid in dying and encouraging the client/family to advocate for themselves.
  • We also help the client find physicians and hospices willing to prescribe and encourage their having conversations with physicians or hospice to help them obtain needed services or adequate pain control.
  • Bring an experienced, calm, and reassuring presence on the day of planned death. We also help review instructions and provide bedside support and comfort to both the client and family.
  • Offer bereavement support through Bereavement Group sessions.
  • Assist in completing or understanding advance directives.

Board of Directors

We are guided by the extraordinary expertise, compassion and experience of this dedicated group of individuals. Learn more about our Board of Directors.  See our Board of Directors.

Advisory Council

End of Life Choices California is supported by a knowedgeable community of seasoned professionals and activitists. Learn more about our Advisory Council.  Learn more about our Advisory Council.

Mission Statement

We provide Californians the information and support to successfully navigate their legal end-of-life options.  Learn more about our Mission and Values


Frequently Asked Questions About EOLCCA

What is End of Life Choices California (EOLCCA)?

End of Life Choices California (EOLCCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information, education, and personal support to Californians facing end-of-life decisions. Our goal is to ensure that individuals can achieve a peaceful and dignified death, in line with their values and preferences.

How can EOLCCA help me or my loved one?

EOLCCA offers a range of support services through trained Client Volunteers, including explaining end-of-life options, navigating the dying process, advocating for client wishes, facilitating family discussions, and providing guidance on medical aid in dying.

Are EOLCCA services free?

Yes, our services are provided at no cost. Our organization is powered by volunteers, with knowledgeable individuals giving their time to support Californians in their end-of-life planning and decision-making, and donations from generous supporters like you.

How does EOLCCA ensure the quality of its volunteers?

Our volunteers undergo rigorous training and are equipped with the latest information and best practices in end-of-life care. They are selected for their compassion, empathy, and commitment to supporting individuals and families during sensitive times.

Can EOLCCA help with advance directives?

Yes, we can assist in completing or understanding advance directives. Our volunteers can provide information and support to ensure your healthcare wishes are clearly documented and respected.

What are the options for dying well that EOLCCA supports?

We support a variety of end-of-life options, including stopping life-preserving medical treatments, seeking palliative care, entering hospice, voluntary stopping eating and drinking (VSED), palliative sedation, and medical aid in dying (MAID).

How can I become a volunteer with EOLCCA?

Those interested in volunteering with EOLCCA can apply through our website. Candidates go through a selection process and, if chosen, receive comprehensive training to prepare them for supporting our clients compassionately and effectively.

What makes EOLCCA different from other end-of-life organizations?

What sets us apart is our volunteer-powered model, allowing us to offer personalized, one-on-one support. Our focus is not only on educating Californians about their end-of-life options but also on providing emotional and practical support through every step of the process.

How does EOLCCA support family members of those facing end-of-life decisions?

We offer support and resources to family members to help them understand the dying process, what to expect, and how to provide compassionate support. We also facilitate discussions about the client’s end-of-life wishes, ensuring that family members are prepared and informed.

Does EOLCCA provide medical advice?

No, EOLCCA does not provide medical advice. Our role is to offer information and support related to end-of-life options and planning. We encourage clients to consult with healthcare professionals for medical advice and treatment decisions.

How can I request support from EOLCCA?

Support can be requested by contacting us through this website or by phone. One of our Client Volunteers will then reach out to you to understand your needs and how we can best support you.

How is EOLCCA funded?

EOLCCA is funded through donations, grants, and the generous support of our community and at no cost to our clients. These contributions enable us to continue offering our services free-of-charge to Californians in need.

Further Reading and Resources

Explore more about end-of-life choices, planning, and the support available to you through these selected resources:

These resources offer a wealth of information to support your understanding and decision-making regarding end-of-life care. Whether you’re seeking knowledge for yourself or a loved one, EOLCCA is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

"Thank you tremendously for helping my wife transition — as smooth and peaceful a transition as possible." -- T.R.