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These are the phrases we hear from clients and families that we work with:

“Having your team at our father’s death gave us such peace of mind. For what we thought would be  a scary experience, it was instead a beautiful one.“

“I feel so much better about this dying process since I have talked to you.  No one has been willing to have these conversations with me. Thank you so much.”

From a grateful donor:  “I am sending this donation in honor of and gratitude to your volunteer “– Anonymous

“My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer.  He wanted to die. He asked me to help him. You helped us find a doctor. He made his second request on the 15th day; he received his medication that night and he took it the next morning, just the way he wanted.  It was fast; it was very hard on me to have everything so fast, but it was what he wanted. I miss him, but he didn’t suffer, and I’m glad I could help him with this last wish.”

“Thank you for always being there to keep us up to date about the progress of the law [End of Life Option Act”]

“Can I send a donation to thank you for being here for our family?”

Commonly heard from family members:  “I don’t think we could have done this without you here.”

"Thank you tremendously for helping my wife transition — as smooth and peaceful a transition as possible." -- T.R.

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