Advisory Committee

Taimie Bryant, JD

Professor Taimie Bryant joined the UCLA Law School faculty in January of 1988, after earning a Ph.D. in anthropology from UCLA (1984) and a J.D. from Harvard Law School (1987). In 2016, she completed a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Professor Bryant teaches courses about elder law, property law, animal law, and nonprofit organizations.  Her interest in aid in dying emerged from her interest in client-centered elder law, and her first encounter with the aid-in-dying movement was in 2014 when she visited Dignitas to learn of their approach. She is the author of an article on the availability of ideal medications for aid in dying and is currently writing about the role of aid-in-dying nonprofits in using and reforming laws pertaining to aid in dying.

Victor C. Epstein, CPA


Mr. Epstein is a California and Oregon licensed certified public accountant.  He attended the University of Oregon for his BA and Portland State University for his accounting degree. He had his own firm in Portland, OR for many years and specialized in a number of fields and is now mostly retired in California,  though takes care of a few clients when he isn’t playing golf. He is an advocate for personal freedom and believes in dignity for all and supports choice at the end of life. He brings his calm, methodical and kind support to our bookkeeping and accounting endeavors.

David C. Leven, JD


Mr. Leven was the Executive Director of End of Life Choices New York from 2002 until 2016 and now serves as Executive Director Emeritus and Senior Consultant for EOLCNY.   A leading advocate for patients and an expert on advance care planning, patient rights, palliative care and end-of-life issues, David has played a key role in having legislation introduced and enacted in New York to improve pain, palliative and end-of-life care, including the Palliative Care Information Act. LEARN MORE

Robb Miller

A Seattle resident since 1978, Robb became the Executive Director of Compassion & Choices of Washington (C&C of WA, now known as End of Life Washington) in 2000 and has more than 30 years of administrative experience in both for-profit and nonprofit fields. He holds bachelors degrees in music theory and performance from Miami University and was a professional trumpet player for many years.  READ MORE

Sue Dessayer Porter, MBA MSB

Sue D. Porter, Founding Executive Director of End of Life Choices Oregon, has a Masters of Science in Bioethics and a Masters in Business Administration. She completed a diploma at the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics and was a scholar in residence at the Hastings Center for Bioethics Research in New York. Sue has also served as Director on both the National and the Oregon boards for Compassion and Choices.

Since 2001, Sue has worked with terminally ill people availing themselves of Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act.  Sue has spoken nationally on the right-to-die and was a participant in How to Die in Oregon, the documentary that won Sundance (2011).

Thomas A. Preston, MD

Dr. Tom Preston is a retired cardiologist who lives in both Washington state and California.  He was one of the early pioneers of medical aid in dying in Washington and very instrumental in legislation being passed to allow medical aid in dying for the terminally ill.  He spent years traveling the state educating physicians and the public about end of life choice. As a part-time California resident in beautiful Palm Desert, he has joined End of Life Choices’ Advisory Committee to bring his expertise, experience and wisdom to help educate physicians and the public in California.

Peter Reagan, MD

Dr. Reagan is a retired family physician living in Portland, Oregon. His practice included hospital care, surgical assisting, pediatrics and obstetrics.

He was trained at Haverford College, with a BA Physics; Reed College in Portland with Master of Arts in Teaching, after which he taught high school in Portland and in Alaska. During this time and partly related to his Quaker upbringing, he became politically active in the movement to oppose the Vietnam War.  READ MORE

Jill Schock

Jill Schock is a Los Angeles native with a decade of experience in end-of-life care. Jill received a Master’s Degree in Ethics and Theology from Vanderbilt University and was trained and certified as a Clinical Chaplain, or Spiritual Counselor. Currently, she is the owner of a small business called “Death Doula L.A” that specializes in end-of-life patient advocacy.

She believes in empowering people to step toward a positive vision of death, and embrace choice and style as end-of-life approaches. Jill has been volunteering with Compassion and Choices for 3 years, and advocating for medical aid-in-dying.

With a benevolent work ethic, her years of clinical experience and unique personal background, Jill is an exceptional guide to those facing end-of-life.

Bob Uslander, MD

Dr. Bob Uslander practiced as an emergency room physician for 22 years prior to transitioning his career to providing geriatric, palliative and end of life care.  When California passed the End of Life Option Act in 2015, he educated himself and has supported many patients seeking guidance on their end of life decisions.  People began seeking him out when their own physicians did not have information or experience in medical aid in dying, or declined to participate. Dr. Bob has added this valuable service to his medical practice, while at the same time is committed to educating the community and health care providers about the law. His compassionate approach to patient care and his vast experience will help us continue to educate the public and physicians about all their end of life options, including medical aid in dying.

"Thank you tremendously for helping my wife transition — as smooth and peaceful a transition as possible." -- T.R.

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