Stopping Unwanted Medical Treatment

Treatments for certain health conditions or to prolong life, such as dialysis, use of a ventilator, a feeding tube, IV hydration, antibiotics or other medications and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), can be refused or stopped at any time.

Sometimes, more treatment is helpful, but it can also unnecessarily prolong the dying process and increase suffering without improving quality of life.

It is the right of  any of us to refuse medical treatments if we no longer wish to continue them.

Sometimes, there is a treatment such as repeated doses of antibiotics for recurrent pneumonia or some other kind of infection, and a patient might decide they no longer wish to receive repeated treatment for an illness that might lead them to a natural death.  It is important to discuss this with your family and physician, making sure they know you understand what you are asking for, and that you ask for comfort care only. Those who live in a care facility may need to work closely with staff to ensure they will honor this choice and that repeated urine tests for bladder infections and blood tests are not ordered.

Feeling overwhelmed?

We are here to help.  Our highly-trained volunteers are available to explain the current California law in detail and walk you and your family through the process from beginning to end.  

“Thank you for your help through this process. We found comfort in our phone call with you and were able to connect with a hospice company who will honor my mom's wishes to exercise MAID if need be. My mom feels a sense of relief knowing that she has options and control over her treatment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you from my parents.” SC

End of life choices California

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