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Dying At Home: How To Plan & Prepare for a Home Death Hosted by: Institute on Aging, Compassion & Choices, Death Doula LA, End of Life Choices-CA RSVP here Preparation around death & […]

Reimagine San Francisco

Dying At Home: How To Plan & Prepare for a Home Death

Hosted by: Institute on AgingCompassion & ChoicesDeath Doula LAEnd of Life Choices-CA

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Preparation around death & dying at home can be challenging & complex. Join our mindful panel of end-of-life experts as they share perspectives, options & resources supporting the home death option.

In times past, it was not unusual to die in a place that was both comforting and familiar: Home.

Nowadays, we are faced with increased medical interventions and scenarios. Conversations & planning around death and dying in general can feel challenging and complex. Medical, physical, emotional, physical, legal, & spiritual issues may become heightened and overwhelming. However, with the right support and plans we still have the opportunity to prepare for a good death, and in the setting of our choice. Education and care can assist in better outcomes overall, and support the grieving process of both the dying and the living.

Join our mindful panel of healthcare-based, end-of-life experts who will share perspectives, communication tools, laws, resources and funeral options for home deaths. There will be time allotted for Q & A. This event is free of charge.

Facilitator: Stefanie Elkins, MA, Continuum of Care Coach & Consultant


  • Care Planning Conversations: Karen Morin, RN, Founding Director, Vice President of End of Life Choices California
  • End-of-life Options: Stephanie Marquet, MD, Palliative Care Physician & Advisor, Compassion & Choices Medical Advocate
  • Home Funeral Guidance: Jill Schock, Clinical Chaplain, End of Life Advocate, Death Doula LA

Our Mission

End of Life Choices California’s mission is to provide Californians the information and support to successfully navigate their legal end-of-life options.  Relevant topics include Advance Care Planning; the California End of Life Option Act (ELOA)eligibility requirements for Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD); and Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)–a legal option in all 50 states. Our volunteers are very knowledgeable about both hospice and palliative care and can explain the differences between the two services.

Be sure to check our Resources page for Q/A; information on books, films, and organizations; sign up for our blog; see upcoming events in your area or on Zoom; and so much more.  To request a speaker for your group or organization, click here.