Speaking of Death…

A Café Venue where we talk about matters of living and dying.

Organized by: Tess Lorraine
Awakening to Life and Death

The more informed we are in the networks of support that our community offers, the less we turn our attention away from a crucial stage of our lives, our completion. I have been leading Speaking of Death Cafe’s for over 9 years and facilitating seminar series to prepare for our final stage. With zoom we can now provide speakers that will give relevant information to prepare for end of life effectively. Each month we will feature a speaker on the topic of end of life preparations. I invite you to join us. Your dying legacy depends on your beginning now before you find yourself in the midst of choices you never prepared for.

Lynne H. Calkins will speak to us about End of Life Choices California. The California End of Life Options Act provides a legal medical protocol for our choices in our dying process when we have a six month terminal diagnosis. The law requires several steps in order to qualify. This organization gives people the information and volunteer support needed to utilize California End of Life Options. Information will also be provided on VSEAD Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking.

Guest Speaker:
Lynne H. Calkins, Founding Director
End of Life Choices California

Learn about who we are and what we do
Understand all end of life options and medical aid in dying
Identify eligibility requirements for the California End of Life Option Act
Gain understanding of waiting period between oral request
Be aware of how to reach us when you need information
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Connect! mid-week group zoom session 1 at La Verne Church of the Brethren

The Culture of Dying:
Because we had such a positive response to the Dia de Los Muertos celebration Sunday, October 31 and learning about Latin American countries’ approaches to death and dying, we thought it might be helpful to look at how we in America approach death and dying.  So to that end, we invite you to participate in our virtual 3 part series: The Culture of Dying, where we can explore our own experiences.
What you will learn:
How varied our experiences of death may have been for each of us.  We will talk about how we remember and honor those we have lost and how much they impact our ideas about death and dying. We will become more informed about all the end-of-life options available in the US. We will learn about an additional option, medical aid in dying, available in California and 10 other states in the US.  We hope to create a very safe space where we can share our experiences and our hopes for a peaceful death and how we might want to be remembered.
Presenter: Lynne Calkins, Nurse Practitioner, retired, and constituent of LVCOB