Guaranteed Hospice, Glendale

Live, in-person presentation for Guaranteed Hospice Management and Staff (RNs, SWs, Bereavement Team, Spiritual Advisor, Medical Director, Marketing, Director of Nursing)

Join Lynne Calkins, Founding Director End of Life Choices California (EOLCCA) for this comprehensive presentation and Q/A session on the California End of Life Option Act to include the following topics: Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD), Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED), barriers to MAiD, the importance oi advance planning, and the vital role that hospice plays in supporting patients who choose MAiD or VSED.

For additional information, contact Lynne Calkins at or 760.632.8029

EOLCCA Presentation: Together Hospice Care

Together Hospice Care, Thursday, May 4, 2023

This in-person presentation is for new RNs, Social Workers, and the Bereavement staff of Together Hospice Care.

Representatives from EOLCCA will provide the latest information on the services provided by this organization whose goal is to help ensure that people are able to receive the information and support they need to advocate for and experience the death they wish. Key topics will include recent changes to the California End of Life Option Act; legal options one has to make an informed decision at the end of life–including, but not limited to, medical aid in dying (MAiD); and seeking opportunities to collaborate with hospice on supporting those nearing the end of life to achieve the type of death they desire.

For additional information regarding the presentation, please contact Lynne Calkins at 760-632-8029.


Reliance Hospice: End of Life Options and Hospice’s Vital Role in Providing Support

In-person Presentation for Reliance Hospice and Palliative Care Management and Staff

This presentation by End of Life California (EOLCCA) Founding Director Lynne Calkins and EOLCCA Client Volunteer Isis Hockenos will include the latest updates to the California End of Life Option Act; trends in the utilization of Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD); issues, concerns, and barriers sometimes encountered on patients who choose to exercised their legal rights relating to end of life; and opportunities to enhance hospice collaboration for those making end of life decisions.

More information can be obtained by contacting Lynne Calkins: 760-632-8029 or email

Speaking of Death…

A Café Venue where we talk about matters of living and dying.

Organized by: Tess Lorraine
Awakening to Life and Death

The more informed we are in the networks of support that our community offers, the less we turn our attention away from a crucial stage of our lives, our completion. I have been leading Speaking of Death Cafe’s for over 9 years and facilitating seminar series to prepare for our final stage. With zoom we can now provide speakers that will give relevant information to prepare for end of life effectively. Each month we will feature a speaker on the topic of end of life preparations. I invite you to join us. Your dying legacy depends on your beginning now before you find yourself in the midst of choices you never prepared for.

Lynne H. Calkins will speak to us about End of Life Choices California. The California End of Life Options Act provides a legal medical protocol for our choices in our dying process when we have a six month terminal diagnosis. The law requires several steps in order to qualify. This organization gives people the information and volunteer support needed to utilize California End of Life Options. Information will also be provided on VSEAD Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking.

Guest Speaker:
Lynne H. Calkins, Founding Director
End of Life Choices California

Learn about who we are and what we do
Understand all end of life options and medical aid in dying
Identify eligibility requirements for the California End of Life Option Act
Gain understanding of waiting period between oral request
Be aware of how to reach us when you need information
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