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EOLCCA inaugurated its first Client Advocate Volunteer Training program on June 2, 2019 in Tarzana, CA.  We spent a fact-filled day training four wonderful volunteers from the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, sharing information and reviewing best practices we expect from all EOLCCA Client Advocate Volunteers.   

Pictured above (r-l) are Stefanie Elkins, Judy Schnack, Karen Morin Green, Jill Schock, Lynne Zamarin, Judy Epstein, Lynne Calkins and Claudia Comins

We discussed the caring approach each volunteer will adopt in providing non-judgemental support to a terminally-ill client, and their loved ones, as they navigate the process of exploring all legal end of life options available to them in California, including medical aid in dying, allowed by the End of Life Option Act.  During that stage, the client and/or family may seek our experience and support as they interact with a new and unfamiliar array of healthcare providers, or to effectively communicate to family and their physicians the decisions they have made consistent with their personal values, beliefs, and desires.

We also reviewed the importance of Advance Care Planning (ACP), so that our volunteers can be of assistance to individuals who wish to learn more about preparing Advance Directives, well before they are facing a terminal or debilitating illness.  ACP is a vital resource that enables individuals to document now their future healthcare expectations, so that if the person becomes unable to communicate their healthcare wishes, their loved ones and healthcare providers are clearly informed.  ACP is, in fact, a useful tool for adults at all stages of life, young and not-so-young! Participation in advance care planning has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety for patients and their families, and lead to improvements in end of life care. 

Please browse our website for comprehensive information about all end of life options in California, Advance Care Planning, and to learn more about the resources, services and support EOLCCA provides at no charge.  


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