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We applaud and need more doctors like New Jersey physician, Jessica Israel, MD to share the thoughtful journey that led them to participate in medical aid in dying (MAID) for their patients. In California and all the other states that have MAID, as well as in states that don’t yet have this legal option available but are working diligently to get similar laws passed, we need more Dr. Israels to be open about fully supporting the wishes of their dying patients.

It is our hope that the first ever National Clinicians Conference on Medical Aid in Dying, taking place on February 14-15 in Berkeley, CA, will provide guidance and support to those medical practitioners wishing to learn more about how to help their dying patients achieve a ”good death”. 

EOLCCA has made great progress in learning about and communicating with physicians in private practice  – and with hospices – in California who support MAID. These medical providers have been prescribing medical aid in dying and are accepting our client referrals for help finding a physician who will prescribe MAID.  We hope that following the conference, many more physicians and hospices will partner with us and our clients to adequately explore all their end-of-life options.  

Click below to read Dr. Israel’s story.

 A day like no other: The first time I helped one of my patients die  


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