Hope Hospice: End of Life Options and Medical Aid in Dying

All Hope Hospice clinicians (RNs, LVNs, MSWs, SCCs, et al) are invited to this Zoom presentation, Thursday, June 22th, 3-4 PM.

Representatives from End of Life Choices California (EOLCCA) will present on End of Life (EOL) Options including Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD). Topics will include recent changes to the California End of Life Option Act, eligibility requirements,  and barriers that still remain for those wishing to utilize MAiD.  There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

Contact Mariam Lawson, mariaml@hopehospice.com, for additional information and/or Zoom sign-in link. For more information on Hope Hospice and Health Services, visit: www.hopehospice.com

Guaranteed Hospice, Glendale

Live, in-person presentation for Guaranteed Hospice Management and Staff (RNs, SWs, Bereavement Team, Spiritual Advisor, Medical Director, Marketing, Director of Nursing)

Join Lynne Calkins, Founding Director End of Life Choices California (EOLCCA) for this comprehensive presentation and Q/A session on the California End of Life Option Act to include the following topics: Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD), Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED), barriers to MAiD, the importance oi advance planning, and the vital role that hospice plays in supporting patients who choose MAiD or VSED.

For additional information, contact Lynne Calkins at lcalkins@endoflifechoicesca.org or 760.632.8029

Advantage Hospice Costa Mesa: End of Life Choices

This presentation and Q/A session is for the staff and volunteers of Advantage Hospice Costa Mesa

This interesting and informative session will cover recent changes to the California End of Life Option Act, requirements for and barriers to Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD), end of life options if one does not meet eligibility for MAiD, and a host of related topics.   Presenters from End of Life Choices California (EOLCCA) include Founding Director Lynne Calkins, Volunteer Manager Steffany Lohn, and Client Volunteer Linda Rowe.

For additional information, contact Lynne Calkins at lcalkins@endoflifechoicesca.org or 760.632.8029

Los Robles Hospice – Live in-person presentation

Live in-person presentation for hospice Social Workers, RNs, Bereavement Counselors/Chaplains, and other interested staff

Join representatives from End of Life Choices California (EOLCCA) for this timely and informative in-person presentation for hospice social workers, registered nurses, bereavement counselors, chaplains, and interested staff on advance care planning, updates to the California End of Life Option Act, barriers to medical aid in dying, and ways that hospice can support those who opt for using this legal method to die with dignity and on their own terms.

The presentation will cover such topics as
  • Advance care planning – Advance care planning is a process that enables individuals to make plans about their future health care. Advance care planning is applicable to adults at all stages of life. Participation in advance care planning has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety for patients and their families, and lead to improvements in end of life care.
  • Updates to the California End of Life Option Act – as of January 1, 2022:
    • The new bill reduces the waiting period between the required two oral requests to 48 hours
    • Healthcare systems and hospices now have to post their aid-in-dying policies on their websites.
    • The final attestation form is no longer needed.  
    • When a terminally-ill patient requests MAID and their physician does not wish to participate, the physician is now required to tell the patient and must document the request and transfer the patient’s medical records upon request.
    • The amendment also clarifies that MAID medication can be taken within a healthcare facility.
  • Eligibility Requirements for MAID – Must be 18 years or older; Must be of sound mind and exhibit appropriate decision-making capabilities to the attending physician; Must be able to self-ingest the medication either orally or by pushing through an NG tube; and Must be diagnosed with a terminal disease, with a life expectancy of six months or less, by two physicians.

For more information, contact Lynne Calkins at lcalkins@endoflifechoicesca.org or 760-623-8029.

Visit our Hospice page for more information about this important service.

Hospice is a philosophy, not a place

Hospice is a philosophy, not a place, which provides compassionate comfort care at the end of life. The goal is to maintain or improve quality of life for someone whose illness, disease or condition is not going to be cured, and from which there is no anticipated recovery. Each patient’s individualized care plan is designed to address the physical, emotional and spiritual pain that often accompanies terminal illness. Hospice care also offers practical support for the family during the illness and grief support after a death. For those who have an appropriate medical referral, the cost of hospice care is usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid or a third party insurance.

Our Mission:
At End of Life Choices California, we provide Californians the information and support to successfully navigate their legal end-of-life options.

Navigating Grief After Medical Aid in Dying: Online Bereavement Group

Losing someone we love is always painful: losing someone who has used Medical Aid in Dying is a different and special journey.

Bereavement Groups

NOTE: this is the fouth in a series of four sessions. The series may be repeated–see contact info below

If you are grieving for a loved one who used medical aid in dying, or know someone who is, this private group will provide a safe, secure space to explore the special issues that medical aid in dying can bring up. In coordination with EOLCCA, this group will be facilitated by Jim Reiser, LMFT, the Bereavement Coordinator of HNC. He holds a MFT from Chapman University and BA in psychology from CSUSM, and has been doing this caring work for 11 years.
There is no charge to attend these group sessions. Anyone interested in participating must email LCalkins@endoflifechoicesca.org, or call EOLCCA at 760.636.8009 and ask about the Bereavement Group.