Navigating Grief After Medical Aid in Dying: Online Bereavement Group

Losing someone we love is always painful: losing someone who has used Medical Aid in Dying is a different and special journey.

NOTE: this is the first in a series of four or more sessions. The series may be repeated–see contact info below.

If you are grieving for a loved one who used medical aid in dying, or know someone who is, this private group will provide a safe, secure space to explore the special issues that medical aid in dying can bring up. In coordination with EOLCCA, this group will be facilitated by Jim Reiser, LMFT, the Bereavement Coordinator of HNC. He holds a MFT from Chapman University and BA in psychology from CSUSM, and has been doing this caring work for 11 years.
There is no charge to attend these group sessions. Anyone interested in participating must email, or call EOLCCA at 760.636.8009 and ask about the Bereavement Group.

Reliance Hospice: End of Life Options and Hospice’s Vital Role in Providing Support

In-person Presentation for Reliance Hospice and Palliative Care Management and Staff

This presentation by End of Life California (EOLCCA) Founding Director Lynne Calkins and EOLCCA Client Volunteer Isis Hockenos will include the latest updates to the California End of Life Option Act; trends in the utilization of Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD); issues, concerns, and barriers sometimes encountered on patients who choose to exercised their legal rights relating to end of life; and opportunities to enhance hospice collaboration for those making end of life decisions.

More information can be obtained by contacting Lynne Calkins: 760-632-8029 or email

Advantage Hospice: End of Life Choices

In-person presentation by End of Life Choices California

Important topics to be covered include an update on the California End of Life Option Act, issues and concerns regarding  medical aid in dying, and opportunities to improve support to hospice patients wishing to utilize medical aid in dying.  Presenters will include Lynne Calkins and Judy Schnack from EOLCCA.  For more information, contact Ms Calkins at 760-632-8029